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About IP Solutions Ltd.

IP Solutions Ltd. is Asia's leading solutions provider and diversified consultancy for the professional communications industry,
products and systems.

Over the years we have delivered solutions to some of Asia's most prestigious Broadcasters. We continue to partner with
Telecommunications companies, Satellite Broadcasters, Cable TV stations, Terrestrial Broadcasters and Productions/Post
houses, as they continue to upgrade from analog to digital to HD and beyond.  Our main impetus is to continuously work
closely with our customers to effect the best solution and value possible.

Bringing cutting edge technology from manufacturers world-wide, we constantly deliver solutions that fully meet the needs of
our clients.

The company has considerable expertise and experience in nurturing and developing brand awareness and market
positioning of products it represents. During the past two decades, by combining this marketing ability with the close support of
long-established relationships with suppliers, the company has ensured that many of its brands have become symbols of
excellence and established names in the minds of Asian broadcasters.

The company continues to seek new strategic
partnerships to improve its competitive edge and operational efficiency, and to
enlarge its network of products, markets, distribution channels, and after-sales-service in the Asian region.