Logo Matic
Logo Insertion and Channel Branding

Broadcasters everywhere are looking for ways to promote their channels in new and exciting ways. Logo Matic, from Atomix International, is the all-new logo insertion system that will help you create your new station ID and branding look, at a very attractive price. From simple static logos, to complex pages of graphics, logos, text, and tickers; Logo Matic is all you need to achieve that new creative look.

Clear and Easy To Use Interface
Logo Matic is a Windows based application that provides a comprehensive set of tools to create, manage, and playback a wide variety of logos, text and graphic images. Commands are available to size and position any logo or graphic element on the screen and save for future recall. Saved logos are displayed in the provided asset browser allowing the operator to recall logos by clicking on the graphic or by recalling using the supplied dedicated control panel. Designed to make the operator’s life easy, Logo Matic’s simple to use interface minimizes the chances of on-air mistakes. For automated applications, Logo Matic
supports automation Intelligent Interface commands so
control from your automation system is a simple task.

Static and Animated Logos
Logo Matic supports an unlimited number of static and
animated logos. Animated logos are flipbook animations
that are played back in real-time. Flipbook animations
are easy to create using inexpensive software tools that
are commonly used in graphics departments. Once
imported, logos can be placed anywhere on the screen
and can be combined with static graphic elements as
well. When complete, the logo with all of its setup
parameters can be stored on the hard disk for future

Text and Tickers
What sets Logo Matic apart from other systems is the ability to add text and automated tickers to your on air logos. Text elements can be used in conjunction with other graphics or by themselves. Tickers provide a way to automatically update onscreen text with data coming into Logo Matic from either Ethernet or RS232 connections. Time and temperature are just two examples of how this function could be used. Why tie up your expensive CG when Logo Matic can do it all.

Background Combiner and Restyling Tools
Your graphics artist will appreciate the ability to create 32-bit transparent logos and/or backgrounds, using the standard video capture feature. Once images are captured they are available on the network so they can be shared with other workstations in the Graphics department. Software tools are provided to convert pairs of 24bit graphics files and create valid 32bit logos. Any SDI source connected to the Logo Matic video input can provide the fill and key required. The Background Combiner will match them together to create a 32 bit graphics file ready to be used as a logo or background. The Restyling Tools complement the combiner with graphics processing, painting and editing capability.

Superb Picture Quality
The architecture of Logo Matic is an uncompressed 4:2:2:4 signal path. Playback of all logos is done using a high performance graphics card. Picture and key outputs are provided to feed your switcher directly or the graphics card provides a 10 bit linear keyer so logos can be inserted downstream from your switcher.


Easy to learn and use
•   High quality text and graphics
•   Unlimited animated logos on-screen
•   Preview on VGA screen
•   Small, fits anywhere, dedicated control panel
•   Background combiner and graphics restyling tools
•   Unlimited storage capacity
•   Small 2RU chassis
•   Base on broadcasting quality hardware for superb picture quality
•   525 and 625 line standards
•   Delivered fully tested and integrated with Windows 2K & XP 

•   Live Control Rooms
•   Master Control Rooms
•   Remote Production Trucks
•   News Studios

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